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Past Life Regression

Are you curious?

One of the most fascinating aspects of hypnotherapy for me personally is past life regression. Whether you believe in past lives or just think of it more as a story or metaphor, it’s a powerful way to heal trauma from this lifetime and can give us a much greater understanding of ourselves and our journey.

Past life regression allows you to access memories of previous lifetimes, which are usually unavailable to us in the day to day. If we were to remember all our past lives, it would be overwhelming and we wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the present.
Past life work can highlight repeating patterns to us. Sometimes our trauma has it’s roots in other lifetimes, there could even be cycles we have been repeating for many lifetimes.
It can also be helpful to explain relationships with those we know. Perhaps our relationship with a person in this life is as it is (positive or negative and everything in between) to resolve a karmic tie from a previous encounter.

Past life work can also be useful if your present life is too traumatic to look at just now. If we have a lot of trauma, it can be so painful to look back and can block our healing journey. By choosing to work with past life regression instead, there can be a comfort in the detachment, knowing that where we revisit has already concluded and is in the past.

Image by Nick Fewings
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