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Glastonbury and Shambala 2024

I’m excited to confirm that I will be returning to the Healing fields of Glastonbury and Shambala Festival this summer!

This will be my third Glastonbury and second Shambala. Working in the healing fields of these iconic festivals has been a great privilege and I am looking forward to setting up my little tent again and do a bit of healing on the road!

Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool for self discovery and it’s a joy to meet so many new faces and share the experience with people who perhaps are just starting out on their journey as well as those who are already seasoned professionals.

It has amazed me how much can be achieved in what is a relatively brief interaction. Perhaps the power of working in a field with so many other healers creates a uniquely beautiful energy in which to work.

I offer private individual and small group sessions throughout the festival. Sessions can be focused on the individuals or groups requirements and allow a taste of what it is to be in the hypnotic trance state.

There are many misconceptions about hypnotherapy, but it is a technique which has been slowly gaining in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to celebs such as Adele crediting it for her recent weight loss, and it is a joy to bring it to a wider audience.

At Glastonbury, I run a daily workshop from my bell tent, and at Shambala I will also be running a few larger workshops again from the larger communal space.

Last year's Shambala workshops (Secrets of Hypnosis) were a big hit and drew a lovely diverse crowd of all ages to come and try hypnosis for themselves.

The first work shop focused on Inner Child, where we went together to reconnect with our own little me and took them into the festival with us to join in the fun. Once everyone was busy in trance I then went around the room and did a little bit of individual work with people, checking up on how they had found their inner child - did they need anything? Are they happy? Do they have anything they need to tell you? There was some really beautiful, powerful work being done and it was so lovely to see and be a part of. Our inner child is often full of wisdom which we as adults may have forgotten or perhaps have overcomplicated or lost sight of as we grow up.

Workshop number 2 was all about chord cutting. Chord cutting is a powerful technique I really enjoy using with my clients and allows us to assess what energies we allow ourselves to be exposed to.

It works by visualising all the relationships you have in life as if you are connected to those people with a little thread or chord. You can then notice which are the strongest, which are the weakest, are they healthy relationships or have they become toxic? You can then sort out how you want to deal with these connections. Are you going to nurture and fix them? Would you prefer to move them further away from you or create boundaries? Do you want to cut them entirely?

It is important to note that many relationships in our lives we may not want to cut away entirely, for example a close family member or best friend, however it may be necessary to create boundaries to protect ourselves from being energetically depleted. This may look like keeping them at arms distance, it does not necessarily mean cutting off that relationship completely.

Complete chord cutting can be very useful, however, when there has been abuse.

If you are making the trip to either of these fantastic events, please come and say hello!

The healing field at Glastonbury is on the right hand side as you approach the Stone Circle from the main drag, and at Shambala it is just over the bridge the other side of the lake.


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